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Quantum Fiber internet offers fast speeds at affordable rates

Shop ultrafast internet plans from Quantum Fiber

Whether you need daily bandwidth for a houseful of avid gamers, reliable browsing and email for yourself, or a happy medium between the two, Quantum Fiber has a plan at affordable fiber internet prices—with no annual contract.

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Great for device-packed households with interests all over the map

Limited availability, service and speed in select locations only.

Choose this speed if multiple people in your home spend hours a day online, hosting video meetings, running multiple games, streaming movies in 4K UHD, or backing up large files to the cloud.

Great for households that love gaming and streaming

Limited availability, service and speed in select locations only.

Choose this speed to handle streaming in HD at the same time someone else plays on their favorite gaming console—and everyday activities such as email, social media, and basic file downloads.

What’s the best fiber internet plan for me?

Quantum Fiber internet offers plans up to 500 Mbps and up to 940 Mbps. To see which speed would work best for your household, take a look at the comparison table below.

Up to 500 Mbps

Up to 940 Mbps

Streaming 4K UHD video on multiple devices



Downloading attachments and games quickly



Online gaming for multiple players



Conducting virtually interruption-free video meetings



Running many devices at once in a digital-focused household



Using the internet virtually uninterrupted in most situations



What can you do with Quantum Fiber internet service?

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Kick gaming up a notch

Focus on your mission, not your internet connection, thanks to ultrafast download and upload speeds and virtually glitch-free service.

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Work and study from home

Minimize internet interruptions when meeting with coworkers or listening to an online lecture. Download an entire textbook in seconds.

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Stream your favorites

Clean out your watchlist or stream your favorite movies and TV shows, all with minimal buffering and excellent video quality on compatible screens.

What ultrafast fiber internet feels like in real time

Fiber internet speeds up to 940 Mbps do more than support multiple users and online activities—they also shave valuable minutes off your download and upload times. Check out how quickly you can transfer files on Quantum Fiber’s top fiber internet plan at maximum speed.

Download a 40 GB video game

6 minutes, 5 seconds

Upload a 2 GB YouTube video

0 minutes, 18 seconds

Back up 10 GB of files

1 minute, 31 seconds

Based on a wired connection. Speed may not be available in your area.

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What is fiber internet?

And how is it different from cable?

Fiber internet is a service that uses ultra-thin glass strands to send your internet data across the web at rapid speeds. Like fiber internet providers, cable providers may offer high-speed internet at triple-digit download speeds. But due to the materials and makeup of most cable networks, cable often has lower upload speeds than fiber.

  • Fiber networks transmit data using highly efficient fiber-optic strands

  • Fiber speeds easily reach hundreds of Mbps

  • Fiber connections tend to have similar upload and download speeds and low lag

Professional fiber internet installation

Once you find the best ultrafast fiber internet plan for your home, Quantum Fiber sends a qualified technician to install as soon as possible.

Ready to get superfast fiber internet?

Schedule installation

Choose a date and time immediately after purchasing your plan.

Relax during the appointment

Let the technician handle the hard part.

Enjoy service

Connect your Wi-Fi devices and enjoy your new internet service.

Frequently asked questions

Which fiber internet plans are available in my area?

Quantum Fiber internet plans and prices vary by ZIP code. Check fiber internet availability in my ZIP code

What fiber speed is best for me?

The best fiber internet speed for your home depends on how many people use your internet and what they do online. View speed recommendations here.

How do I get fiber internet service?

To order a Quantum Fiber internet plan or get help choosing one, call now.

At the end of your order, you’ll select an installation date and time, and Quantum Fiber will send a professional technician to install service and set up your modem.

From there, you can set up your devices—and spend the rest of the day basking in your new superfast fiber internet service.

Can I install Quantum Fiber myself?

Not yet. Most homes do not have a preexisting fiber connection compatible with a Quantum Fiber modem, so fiber professionals have to come install service.

Why is fiber internet so cheap?

In fiber’s early days, fiber internet providers had to build new networks from scratch and charge relatively high prices to support the construction.

Today, fiber internet costs considerably less. As fiber internet providers have added more volume, it’s become more cost-effective to build new networks and link new homes to existing networks.