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Quantum Fiber internet FAQs

Everything you need to know about fiber internet in one place.

What can I expect during fiber internet installation?

After we verify service at your address and confirm your order, you’ll choose an installation date and time, and your Quantum Fiber technician will do the rest. All you have to think about is where you want your router—and what you’re going to do with all your internet bandwidth.

Relax during setup

With an adult present, your technician will lay the fiber optics outside and inside your home, then install your modem.

Connect your devices

Using the new network name and password your technician helps you set up, connect all your internet-enabled devices.

Surf on fiber internet speeds

Immediately start streaming, gaming, or shopping with your new ultrafast internet service from Quantum Fiber.

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What is fiber internet?

Fiber internet is a network technology that uses thin strands of glass to transmit data using light pulses. For you, that translates to more bandwidth for internet activities and excellent response time when you scroll, surf, and socialize online.

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How is fiber different from cable?

Both cable and fiber internet services offer impressive speeds for modern internet use, but the network specs for fiber internet vs. high-speed cable internet differ slightly. Cable networks usually use hybrid fiber and coaxial cable networks, while fiber networks have less metal (if any) and more fiber optics. Because of the efficiency of fiber optics, fiber internet usually comes with exceptional reliability, not to mention superfast download and upload speeds.

Why Quantum Fiber?

Quantum Fiber offers ultrafast internet up to 940 Mbps for an active online lifestyle. And at affordable fiber internet prices with no annual contract, Quantum Fiber plans also come with freedom and flexibility.

Limited availability, service and speed in select locations only.

99.9% reliable* network

*Based on network uptime or availability

No annual contract

24/7 technical support

Installation & equipment FAQs

How is fiber internet installed?

Installing ultrafast fiber internet consists of two main steps:

  • running fiber optics from the nearest Quantum Fiber node to your location, and

  • connecting those fiber optics to your router by carefully drilling through an outside wall.

Your technician will know all relevant fiber internet specs and how to install neatly so it’s a low-stress experience for you.

All you need to do: Have an adult present for the installation and decide on the general area where you want your router. The rest, your technician will handle.

What equipment do I need to use for fiber internet?

We will provide a permanently placed device (modem and router combination) for fiber internet service. You have the option to purchase 360 WiFi, or you can provide your own WiFi solution.

The equipment we provide with your Quantum Fiber service has been tested to be compatible with our network and deliver optimum performance.

Can I use my own modem and router with Quantum Fiber?

Yes, you can use your own router with Quantum Fiber service. We recommend using our equipment because it is tested to ensure you get the full benefits of your Quantum Fiber service. Also, our support agents will be able to fully assist you, should you experience any problems. If you provide your own equipment, you will be responsible for setting up, installing, and maintaining it.

How do I know if I have fiber installed already?

Most areas are still getting fiber for the first time, so you probably don’t have a preexisting Quantum Fiber connection at your residence.

Either way, the order process will be similar. You’ll find out when you schedule installation if you can self-install your modem on an existing fiber connection or need a technician to create a new one.

Availability & pricing FAQs

Is Quantum Fiber available in my area?

It only takes a few seconds to check. Enter your ZIP code to check availability and find out if the Quantum Fiber network has expanded to your area.

What does fiber internet cost?

In general, fiber internet prices have become more affordable the longer the technology’s been around.

Quantum Fiber internet prices vary by location. For pricing near you, view packages here or enter your ZIP here.

Performance & speed FAQs

What fiber internet speeds do you offer?

Quantum Fiber offers internet speeds up to 940 Mbps. Learn more about available fiber speeds.

Limited availability, service and speed in select locations only.

Fiber vs. regular internet: what’s the difference?

That depends on which “regular” type of internet you mean: cable and DSL internet networks are common in urban and suburban areas, while satellite, wireless, and cellular internet networks are common in rural areas.

Because fiber is the most efficient data-conducting medium on the market, internet from a fiber source offers superfast speeds with a high level of reliability.

Who should get fiber internet?

Anyone looking for an elevated internet experience can benefit from fiber internet speeds and reliability. Those who live in busy households with multiple connected devices will see the biggest benefits to gaming, streaming, and everything else they love to do online.